Riaz Mamdani | CEO of Strategic Group

It's no secret that I'm always looking to take business portraits to the next level, so when I'm hired to take a portrait of someone like Riaz Mamdani, who has a boat load of style and owns a bunch of downtown Calgary Real Estate, you better believe I'm putting him on a rooftop of one of his buildings. We shot these portraits in the middle of October, taking advantage of what's been a really warm winter this year, just as the sun was starting to drop down and reflect off the buildings around us.


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EPT Clean Oil | Industrial Photography

I get excited about shooting industrial photography. Sure, the weather sometimes sucks, (it was -30C with a 50km wind) but I'm given access to places I would never normally be granted access to, and I get to learn about various industries and how things are done from people who are genuinely excited about what they do. My job is to follow along, learn what I can, and create a visual representation of the work they complete. It's challenging, it's interesting, and it's always different. For this shoot we were just outside of Camrose, AB at the Cargill canola crushing plant. The crew from EPT were there to clean the oil that would be used for the new turbine at the plant, and they brought me along to create some photography that will be used for their marketing materials. Turns out, brand new oil is actually dirty as hell from a particle level which can cause all kinds of issues, and EPT takes care of that. Who knew? Like I said, I learn all kinds of things doing this work.

Here's a sample of what we created:



{ BEHIND THE SCENES } - Because who doesn't love behind the scenes? No one, that's who.



All in all, it was a good day. Questions, comments, put them in the box below.

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Robert | Business Portrait

What's the first thing you do when someone contacts you about a project? First thing I do is look them up online. It doesn't matter what the project is, or whether it's a huge company or a single contractor, I'm online looking them up, and I know I'm not alone in this. It's the age we live in now, everyone has a profile somewhere, and Google knows how to find it quickly. Being that we also live in an extremely visual world, that selfie you took with your iPhone doesn't say quality or professionalism, it says I own a phone with a shitty camera on it just like everyone else. When someone looks you up, you want to stand out and leave an impression. Robert is an architect, a well dressed fella, and someone who understands the importance of a first impression. We recently got together and shot some new business profile portraits. Check em out.


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Sahuri + Partners Architecture Inc | Corporate Portraits

99% of the time that I shoot corporate portraiture it's during my clients regular business hours, and I am often grabbing the people I need to photograph in between meetings and whatever else they have going on during the day. Companies also often need photos of various groupings for their websites, proposals, etc, but enough space for a group shot in an office environment, as well as the availability of everyone you need to make the grouping, are not often a real possibility. When companies like Sahuri + Partners Architecture Inc. contact me with this request, my approach is to create portraits that can serve as both a solid stand alone image, as well as be used to piece together group shots when the need arises. Here's an example from the shoot showing the stand alone images and what they look like when grouped together:

Sahuri001 Sahuri - 02

And because behind the scenes photos are always a good time, this is what it looked like when we took over a boardroom to set up our studio.

Sahuri - BTS -02Sahuri - BTS - 01

More often than not my clients also want/need separate portraits of the heads of the company (or in this case, partners) and I usually get to have a little more fun with those, putting people into different environments to create more interesting and personality based portraits. With the three partners from Sahuri, I picked out a few spots around their office space in Calgary and we got to work. Obviously it always helps when the client has a great space to work with.

Allan-Law-017-BlurSahuri - 04Sahuri - 05

And voila. Thanks for reading. Questions / comments can be handled below.

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Jenna Dalton | Business Portraits

Yes, it's currently December and the snow is on the ground, and yes, this shoot was from a warm August day, but I am all kinds of behind on blogging so now I'm just picking shoots at random to share with ya'll. Jenna is a business coach for peeps working in the fitness industry, and she is one of the most happy / positive / infectious people I have ever met and worked with, so I wanted to create some business portraits that reflect that.

Photos now, gear talk to follow.




All of these portraits were shot using the Fuji X-T1 + 56mm f/1.2 APD. Because I wanted a light, airy feel to the photos I shot using just natural light with a Sunbounce 6'x4' translucent reflector, either as a bounce or between the subject and the sun to create what is essentially a large softbox.

If you're a trainer and looking for a business coach to help boost your business, drop Jenna a line at:

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Oil Rig Portraits for NL Fisher

Oil-Rig-001 Back in October I was hired by NL Fisher to create some portraits for an upcoming feature in Business in Focus magazine and some future marketing materials.

With the alarm set for 5:00am, the original plan was to head an hour south of Calgary, AB to a Trinidad Drilling site to catch the sunrise and create some 'pretty' shots of the rig, but with an extremely heavy set fog that didn't appear to be lifting anytime soon, that plan quickly changed.

I for one love shooting in fog, and for this project it was perfect for helping to focus the portraits in what was a rather busy environment. Here are a few shots from the day with some shoot info and BTS the follow:



The majority of this shoot was shot with the Nikon D800 with either the 24mm-70mm f/2.8G or the 85mm f/1.8G using natural light. Fog creates this amazing light, and if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. For the last two portraits in front of the rig I used a 47" octa to create a little more of a dramatic portrait.

And because I'm a fan of behind the scenes, here are a few shots captured by my assistant of me doing what I do:


Thanks for reading.

Cheers -Nate