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Dr. Gregor Wolbring for Technologist Magazine

In January I was hired by Technologist Magazine, a publication based out of Switzerland, to photograph Dr. Gregor Wolbring. The editorial they were writing outlined Dr. Wolbring's research into prosthetics and the positive and negative psychological impacts that they can have on the people who use them. The only art direction they could provide was that they wanted the photo to be shot on a plain background, and that a solid head shot would be great but feel free to do whatever I think would make for a great shot. Within a millisecond of meeting Dr. Wolbring and knowing what the editorial was about, this is the photo I knew I was going to shoot.

After taking over a faculty lunch room for a makeshift studio space, and spending 10 minutes with Dr. Wolbring in front of my camera, this is what we walked away with. Clean, simple, and one of my favorite portraits so far of 2015.

Dr. Gregor - 001

You can check out a larger version of the portrait on my portfolio site by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers -Nate