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Jenna Dalton | Business Portraits

Yes, it's currently December and the snow is on the ground, and yes, this shoot was from a warm August day, but I am all kinds of behind on blogging so now I'm just picking shoots at random to share with ya'll. Jenna is a business coach for peeps working in the fitness industry, and she is one of the most happy / positive / infectious people I have ever met and worked with, so I wanted to create some business portraits that reflect that.

Photos now, gear talk to follow.




All of these portraits were shot using the Fuji X-T1 + 56mm f/1.2 APD. Because I wanted a light, airy feel to the photos I shot using just natural light with a Sunbounce 6'x4' translucent reflector, either as a bounce or between the subject and the sun to create what is essentially a large softbox.

If you're a trainer and looking for a business coach to help boost your business, drop Jenna a line at:

Thanks for reading.

Cheers -Nate