business portrait

Riaz Mamdani | CEO of Strategic Group

It's no secret that I'm always looking to take business portraits to the next level, so when I'm hired to take a portrait of someone like Riaz Mamdani, who has a boat load of style and owns a bunch of downtown Calgary Real Estate, you better believe I'm putting him on a rooftop of one of his buildings. We shot these portraits in the middle of October, taking advantage of what's been a really warm winter this year, just as the sun was starting to drop down and reflect off the buildings around us.


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Robert | Business Portrait

What's the first thing you do when someone contacts you about a project? First thing I do is look them up online. It doesn't matter what the project is, or whether it's a huge company or a single contractor, I'm online looking them up, and I know I'm not alone in this. It's the age we live in now, everyone has a profile somewhere, and Google knows how to find it quickly. Being that we also live in an extremely visual world, that selfie you took with your iPhone doesn't say quality or professionalism, it says I own a phone with a shitty camera on it just like everyone else. When someone looks you up, you want to stand out and leave an impression. Robert is an architect, a well dressed fella, and someone who understands the importance of a first impression. We recently got together and shot some new business profile portraits. Check em out.


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Cheers -Nate