VLOG 002 - MUSE 2016 at Studio 122

Another year, another MUSE show at Studio 122 for Exposurefest, except this year I was one of the photographers who's work was hanging on the walls.

It's crazy to me that a few years ago I walked into the MUSE show, intimidated as hell by the photographers and people in the room, and today I'm a part of the studio and the show. It's been a hell of a ride.

This blog is also switching formats, as most of my posts will be accompanied by a video like the one below. I figure a visual diary of what I do makes more sense.

Here are the images from the show. Huge thanks to Tessa Greiner (model), Lucy Morris (Hair / Makeup), and Robyn Now (retouching) for helping me put these together.

And of course, a BTS photo of the setup (again this will start becoming more video based)

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