Got Me A New Vlogging Camera!

As I start to dive deeper into the YouTube’s and just my interest in shooting video as a whole, I decided to grab a new camera system to handle more of that work load, and it would just be weird not to make a video about my new video gear, so check out the new setup below!

.: THE KIT :.

Studio Tour // When Should You Look At Getting A Studio?

When is the right time to add a studio space to your business?

That’s a question that I get a lot from photographers, so I decided to create a video that tackles that question as well as give a tour of the studio space I work out of here in Calgary, AB.


$199 Parabolic Light Modifier

First things first, mathematically this is not a ‘true’ parabolic light modifier (there is some science there that very likely did not go into the shaping on these modifiers) but from a light control and all around awesome modifier to use perspective, I can’t say enough about this thing.

I shot a short video detailing my experience with the Strobepro Parabolic Softbox Focus Bracket which you can view below:

A few images from this shoot, which also happen to be some of my favourite images shot in 2018:

All images edited using my CUSTOM Lr PRESETS which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Follow this link to check out the Parabolic Focus Bracket: